How it works ?

Zonemii is the best testing tool to find out what real people think about your photo at first sight. Just upload your photo and start your test.

Run multiple tests simultaneously

You can test multiple profile photos simultaneously and get more detailed analysis on the votes you've got.

DEEP Test Results

The DEEP Results have more detailed analysis with geolocational and demographic statistics.

Your profile photo is important

You can test your different profile photos for use in different social platforms such as Linkedin, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc. For example, It is very important to use a PROFESSIONAL looking profile photo on your Linkedin profile. On the other hand it is ofcourse better to use an attractive profile photo in a dating site. with ZONEMII, you can have your profile photos voted by people all around the world. So you can decide which photo to use in different social platforms.

Is Zonemii free?

Yes, it is free to create one test with the basic results.

What are In-App Purchases in Zonemii App?

You can buy to:

  • have Extra Test. Thus you can run multiple tests simultaneously.
  • Add Votes to the Vote-Pool. Thus you don't need to vote to get voted
  • get the Deep Results. Thus you can see your voter's countries, genders, age ranges and vote types

What are Date-Zone, Friend-Zone and Professional-Zone?

Date-Zone means that a voter feels that you look attractive and may romantically be a date.

Friend-Zone means that a voter feels that you look honest,trusty,loyal and thus would be a perfect friend.

Professional-Zone means that a voter feels that you may be a perfect colleague because you look very professional.

Do Zonemii results show about my personality?

No. It does not show your personality. It is just a photo. A photo consists of elements such as framing, angle, lighting, costume, mimics, background and so on. So the results just shows the people's feeling at first sight subconsciously regarding to those elements. You can have different results with different mimics, background or lighting even though all of the photos belong to you.

How can I make my photos voted faster?

Your photos are showed up to voters depending on your Vote Pool count. The more vote pool count the more you are voted. You can increase your Vote Pool either by:

  • Voting other people's photos
  • Or in-app purchase in the Zonemii App.

What is the Vote Pool?

The Vote Pool is the total number of votes your test can get at the moment. You can increase your Vote Pool either by:

  • Voting other people's photos
  • Or in-app purchase in the Zonemii App

Your Vote Pool count descreases by one when your photo is voted by a voter.

mock back mock front

Want to know who voted what?

The DEEP RESULTS will give you very important statistics about your profile photo. Here you will know :

  • The Age Groups
  • The Countries
  • The Genders

that voted you:

  • DATE-ZONE mostly
  • FRIEND-ZONE mostly


Here are some screenshots of ZONEMII App

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